👋 Hi! My name is Shane. I am a transplant from Livermore/Pleasanton California where I was born and raised. If you know California, you know those cities belong to the San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay. I have been in Fresno about 7 years now. We live on a ranch and are raising 9 kids.

Some of the things I enjoy are CrossFit. (Blog Post: CrossFit and Asthma), Linux, Cybersecurity, anything having to do with cars, trucks and motorcycles, playing and creating music, photography and cinematography. My B.S. Degree is in Counseling Psychology (William Jessup University).


One of my interests is WordPress, I started using WordPress in 2003 when it first hit the scene because b2 stopped being developed. Now I work at WordPress (Automattic) on WordPress VIP as a Team Lead for America’s West. If you are passionate about the web and want a career where you never stop learning and growing, join me over at Automattic on WordPress VIP. What is WordPress VIP? Good question, “We are WordPress VIP, the agile content platform leading a powerful enterprise ecosystem. As we fit seamlessly across your organization, enjoy the ease, flexibility, and freedom you need to scale valuable customer connections that drive your growth.” #