I had a great time with my wife and my team (Tatooine) in Hawaii. We were there 12 days total. The only thing I would change is the location in Hawaii. Honolulu is very crowded. It’s a big city that felt like Los Angeles, only the driving was 100 times worse. It was hot and humid as well. If I was to go back to Hawaii I would choose a different island.

We rented a car for 7 days and left the city several times. Those were the best days! That’s when Hawaii was a lot more fun for me, the beauty and the draw of Hawaii became apparent. We snorkeled, went on many hikes to beautiful water falls, light houses and jungle like destinations. We even did a dinner cruise that turned out to be one of my most favorite things, that along with the ATV tour of Jurassic Valley.

The times with my team were fun as well. There was another team on meetup in Hawaii (Go Sparta!) and our hotels were close together, so we were able to do some cross training and general hang outs. Typically what we do is have our own rooms and then we get the penthouse suite as a common area, which is what we did this time. That made for some really fun evenings playing games and getting to know each other better.

The next meetup needs to be somewhere cold. We are talking about Amsterdam or maybe Lisbon, Portugal. That’s more my speed. 🙂 The Grand Meetup is in 5 months, we return to Florida for the second year in a row. I am really spoiled weather wise being from the Bay Area.