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Some Automattic Perks

Four perks I love at Automattic

Today as I was watching one of my favorite Twitch streams I had a deep sense of thankfulness for all the perks that my company offers. A guest speaker was talking about Toastmasters, and that made me suddenly remember that I want to join my local chapter, but also that I was first introduced to that concept when I was preparing to present at a WordCamp.

Here is a list of some of the things I am taking advantage of at Automattic. I am hoping these entice you to apply. You can see even more benefits of working at Automattic here.

  1. Coaching. I have had a career/life coach for the past year and that has been huge in my growth. I have really grown in my position and pretty soon here will take a logic and big next step. A huge part of my success has been my professional coach. Automattic contracts with some of the best coaches out there and I am very thankful.
  2. Reboot Leadership training. This was an intensive course that taught me a lot about leadership. I don’t think I ever would have taken this on my own. My team lead suggested this training and I am so glad I went through it.
  3. Hardware refreshes. Every 18 months I get a new computer. Sometimes it’s a Macbook, other times it’s a iMac. Just depends. My last update was my anniversary laptop. My Home office is pretty amazing.
  4. Never stop learning. All books and courses and software that I use to learn and grow and carry out my day to day tasks are totally covered by Automattic.

Interested? Apply!