First Song In Ableton Live

*holds breath*

It’s about 80% there. There is a lot I am not happy with, but I am proud of it. Every beat, every note, every sound is mine. Playing with synth, a drum pad, getting it all to mesh. It’s way more difficult than I imagined! I think the first thing I’ll be doing is cutting some sections out and making it shorter. The more I read and learn, the more I see my mistakes and I want to start all over again.

I am releasing it here because, well like 2 people visit this blog, but also, I can’t improve if I don’t ever put stuff out there and take feedback. So here it is version .09 of my song. Stay tuned for new versions. I’ll keep adding them to SoundCloud.

I used a photo of the stacks in Morro Bay I took about a month ago, they are from the old power plant. I managed to get a bird in the photo almost directly in between