Adding an icon to your Plugin

I finally got around to adding a simple icon to my plugin on It was very easy! Here is how to can do it in just 5 simple steps.

Before you start

In your plugin folder you should have an assets folder. This is where you can add files for things like the Plugin’s icon, the header, screenshots, etc. The folder should be a top level directory, so it’s not going to be in trunk or tags. It sits right at the top. Keep in mind that images can only be in the JPG or PNG format, nothing else.

From the documentation: Image sizes should be the same as implied by the names. That is, banner-772x250.png should be 772 pixels wide by 250 pixels high. Similarly, icon-256x256.png should be a 256×256 square.

5 Steps

Step 1. Create an icon file, which is a JPG or PNG that is 256X256 pixels. Then name it icon-256x256.png.

Step 2. Add your new icon to the assetsdirectory. 

Step 3. Use the following svn command to add the icon so you can check it in.

svn add icon-256x256.png

Step 4. Check in your changes.

svn ci -m "Adding icon for plugin"

Step 5. Check out your plugin’s page on It should now have your new icon!