Crack Chicken & Keto Prep

I’ve been trying to dial in a diet I can live with long term. I have not been having any luck. Low calorie and Intermittent Fasting, these are things I can handle. But the low carb, low sugar, mostly protein was leaving me so hungry at night that I am unable to sleep.

A few years ago I had a ton of success on Keto. I remember not being hungry, losing weight and being able to do CrossFit. My son’s friend recently lost about 80 pounds in the span of a few months on it, so I decided to give it a try. I looked back at my posts from 2017 and found the recipes that I liked and the snacks I enjoyed. I spent some time making some pretty yummy things (Crack Chicken and Chicken Pesto & Feta Casserole), I’ll let the photos tell the story.