WooCommerce Subscriptions Can I Remove Product?

If I remove a product or a product variation from my store, will that effect past Subscriptions based on the product I removed?

I get this question a lot, and it makes sense. If you run out of stock, you don’t want to sell it anymore. Or what if you just want to discontinue a product, but still plan to sell it to folks who already have a Subscription?

The answer is yes, removing the product or variation will effect future Subscription renewals. Simply, they won’t renew. That’s because when the new order is created for the Subscription, the product the order is being created from does not exist and the process is halted. So the Subscription is not renewed.

But there are work arounds that should help.


First you can set the Catalog Visibility to Hidden. That will stop it from being shown. But that only works for Products, not variations.


Secondly you can set the stock to 0. That way if someone does have direct link to the product or it’s a variation, they can’t actually order it. But Subscriptions will still renew and set the stock to -1. I double checked with the Developer to make sure. As longs as there is no custom code to stop this, then it will work.

WooCommerce Multiply all costs by person count

Today I had a really great question about the Multiply all costs by person count option in WooCommerce Bookings.

This can be a pretty confusing option. So no worries. If you got confused by this one, you are not alone.

So you check the check box next to Multiply all costs by person count thinking “great, now the price will be multiplied per person”. In our example the Alien person type is $1 per Alien.

Multiply all costs by person count

You head to the front end and you add one Alien person type to the booking. Great! $1. That’s what you expected. Then you add another Alien thinking it’s going to be $2, but it’s $4? How is 1X2 = 4?

Well of course it’s not. Here is what’s going on.

Ticket = $1

1 Ticket = $1
2 Tickets = $2
3 Tickets = $3


Ticket = $1

1 Ticket = $1
2 Tickets = $4 ($2 per ticket X 2)
3 Tickets = $9 ($3 per ticket X 3)
4 Tickets = $16 ($4 per ticket X 4)

If you deselect the box next to Multiply all costs by person count, then the math will work as you expected. 1X2=$2. This is because with the option enabled, WooCommerce Bookings is multiplying all COSTS by the amount of persons. But by default Bookings will simply multiply each ticket by the amount of persons. Or in our case, Aliens. 🙂