My Son is a student at …

YES! I am a super dorky dad who has a sticker that says “Fresno Pacific University DAD”.

I know, sooooper dork. But it’s on my wall, not my truck. 🙂 I am not there yet.

So yeah, my son is at Fresno Pacific University!

A few weeks ago I dropped him off at the campus which was a really cool experience. I have wanted one of my kids to go “away to college” so that I can selfishly live through that experience. Also I love my children and want the best for them … it’s not all about me. Just mostly. Anyway, a ton of kids surrounded the truck and grabbed all his stuff and ran it to his dorm, and that was it. Done. He did not really want me around for the day since he already has friends and they had plans on what they wanted to attend together … I was just going to be in the way. LOL! Love it.

The campus is close, about 15 minutes from home. Even though it’s close, he is living on campus in the dorms. I wanted him to have the full experience. He is evern rooming with a good buddy from church. Since this is a Christian University, I think it’s really valuable for him to live there and thrive in that academic community.

His major is Kinesiology since he wants to be a P.E. Teacher when all is said and done, at least at this point in his life. I have a feeling he may want to switch to the seminary, but that’s just my dad intuition. From what I hear he is having a blast. I get texts when he needs things, but other than that, he is being an 18 year old young adult and does not need me. So I did something right. 🙂