SG Special

My father left all his guitars to me. All 36 of them. I spent a few days going through them all and cleaning them up and documenting them. While they are all very nice, with some of them being extremely nice, there is one that stands out. That’s the 1961 Gibson SG Special.

This guitar is special to me. My dad used to take it out when I was very young and play it for me. His kick around guitars were a 12 string and a 6 string classical, but on rare occasions the Gibson would come out, and I always love it when that happened. He told that one day he would give it to me but the he was not sure when. All through my life I would borrow it to play for special occasions, I love this guitar.

It’s bittersweet to own it now. I rather just borrow it when I want it. It has a good home with me and my hope is that I’ll get to pass it on to one of my kids.