Running at Christmas

Last night I went for a run. I really did not expect it to be anything special, I often run 2-3 times a week. I have a 3.4 mile route near my house that works well. But last night was magical. That was really unexpected!

Christmas & Cold

So it was really cold. Like low 40’s. I was wearing a beanie, my pace was about 9 minute mile for a good portion of it, so a nice stride. I had Made In Heights playing in my headphones, one of my favorites, Instrumentals(Man Holla Mears and Chatoyant (Beauty Bass) are just such great grooves.)

As I was running in the cold and getting into the groove, I came across house after house decorated for Christmas. Christmas is my favorite time of year. There were several moments a long my run where I was passing through entire courts and neighborhoods lit up with brightly colored lights. Boom! Magical. The cold, the lights, the pace of my run, the music. It all made for a magnificent evening run.

Give it a try. You won’t regret it.