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Team Meetup in Austin Texas

Tatooine Meetup, Austin Texas.

Once a year our team has a Meet Up. A Meet Up is where, as a team, we select a location and then we meet in person. We do this because we are a fully distributed company. We also have a yearly Meet Up as a company that we call the Grand Meetup. The idea of a Meet Up is to bond as a team, tackle special projects together, mingle with other Automatticians in the area, teach and learn from each other, and have a great time.

Team Tatooine Logo Hats. Thanks Joel!

These Meetups have taken me all over the world, from Berlin Germany to Dublin Ireland. #TeamTatooine Meet Up 2018 was in Austin Texas. Austin is a really great city and we had an amazing time. One of my co-workers, Andrew, spent quite a bit of time setting up our week. We had great food, a great 8 room house to call home for a bit, and lots of fun team building.

We ate at some pretty amazing places while we were in Austin. A few of the restaurants we ate at were Gourdoughs Public House, The Cannon and Belle, The Elizabeth Street Cafe, Rollin Smoke BBQ, High Tower, and The Fareground. I would eat at each of these places again, they are all amazing. It’s also a must to try the many donut places around Austin. Maple Bacon. Mmmmm.

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The night scene in Austin was a blast, a great way to bond further as a team. There were two nights that I really enjoyed above the rest. The first was a little dancing while a live band played 90’s hits at the Blind Pig Pub. The band was very good.

I really enjoyed watching Scott Pilgrim vs. The World for the first time at the Alamo Draft House. Imagine an old theater with a bunch of geeky folks watching a movie that I guess has a cult following and interacting with certain elements of the film. Bubbles, throwing coins, light sabers for when the band played … it was a lot of fun. You sit behind tables and can order food and drinks the whole time as well. I had some “adult” milk shakes and a carry out box full of candy. It was pretty awesome. I am surprised I have never seen the movie before. Quite a few stars in it and it was a really, really great movie.

Live 90’s Music at the Blind Pig Pub. Austin Texas. #TeamTatooine Meetup

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