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Wio Terminal Network Analyzer

What better way to get acquainted with the Wio Terminal than a project! I saw the Dual Band WiFi Analyzer with Wio Terminal example and decided to follow it. It was a pretty smooth and fun process.

You start by setting up the Wio Terminal software, then you update the Wireless Core RTL8720 firmware and install all related libraries.

python3 erase

python3 flash

Then you install the Arduino_GFX Library. But that’s not as easy as the tutorial says. I kept getting a failure and missing files messages. I figured it was just some missing libraries, it’s like trying to install RPMs 10 years ago and solving dependencies. 🙂 This was a life saver. All the libraries you need to make it work. Make sure you Arduino IDE "Sketch" Menu -> "Include Library" -> "Add.ZIP Library" -> select downloaded ZIP file for each library.

For reference that’s these repos:

Seeed_Arduino_rpcWiFi 26 – master branch
Seeed_Arduino_rpcUnified 16 – master branch
Seeed_Arduino_mbedtls 31 – dev branch
Seeed_Arduino_FS 14 – master branch
Seeed_Arduino_SFUD 12 – master branch

After those are installed, upload and it’s done!